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20 watt - 24 in Shatterproof UV Lamps EL-07S
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Available in Shatterproof (Recommended)

Bulbs EL-07 - 24 inch - 20 Watt Bulbs - 2 Bulb Packs

Shatterproof: $38.95

Pack of two Bulbs for the Gilbert 2002 GT and Gilbert 219 Sticky Tiger Fly Light Units as well as other Gilbert units or units that take the EL-07 UV lamp

The Gibert 2002 GT takes two 20 watt UV bulbs

The Gilbert 219 GT Sticky Tiger takes two 20 watt UV bulbs

Safety is important. We recommend purchasing the shatterproof bulbs (Required in Food Service and most public areas)

Also fits the 2000 GT and other fly lights that require a 20 watt Ultra Violet, 24 inch bulb


Ships UPS Ground Only

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