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Replacement Shatterproof lamp for the Vector Plasma One or Genus Spectra Compact - Total 36 Watts - Double Bulb
Lamp should be replaced every 6 months for ultimate operation as the amount of UV light diminishes over time.


Measures 16" x 1.5" x 0.9"
The Vector Plasma One and the Genus Spectra Compact requires just one set of these bulbs as shown.
*Also Fits the Vector Plasma Fly Light. The Vector Plasma Fly Light requires 2 sets of these lamps.

 Shatterproof lamps should be used in any restaurant or public setting. Most new  fly light units  come with regular non-shatterproof bulbs.

Shatterproof bulbs must be purchased separatly with the exception of the Vector Fly Light Units which come with shatterproof bulbs standard.

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