StrikeMAX™ GLO™ LED Insect Light Trap

Does not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico or outside the continental United States

The price of this Item includes the Shipping fee and 10 Free Glue Boards.


LED Reduces Carbon Footprint by 62% - Up to 67% in Energy Savings

STRIKE MAX GLO is a best in class LED Insect Light Trap designed for front of house and back of house locations. With a discreet, adaptable design, STRIKE MAX GLO blends in well with a full range of indoor settings. The exterior utilizes a powerful 11W LED bulb to attract pests. The glue boards serve to capture insect fragments, preventing contamination.

Leading in performance






Why LED?

Efficacy Testing:

The Half Life Test Strike Max Glo was evaluated against the top ILT products in the market. Through a standardized test, measuring the time it takes for the ILT products to capture 50% of the insects in a room, StrikeMax Glo proved to be the fastest of all units tested.