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Fly Web Fly Trap


If your fly control program involves the swatting of annoying flying insects ... 

.... there is good news from the people at Gardner FlyWeb Insect Management. 

The FlyWeb

Fly Web Glue Boards

Flyweb Glue Card Refills - 10 individual glue boards per Pack

Flyweb Replacement Glue Card Refills for your Fly Web Fly Light Trap

Size: 3 in x 5 in.

Fits FlyWb Classic and FlyWeb Plus

FlyWeb 9Watt UV Bulb

Flyweb Replacement Light Bulb - 9 Watt Ultra Violet Lamp - Fits FlyWeb Classic - Model 13801

Simply pull out the old bulb and snap in the new one. Change bulbs every 6 month for ultimate operation.


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