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Introducing the New FlyPod ® Decorative Table-Top Fly Trap Light


Unlike most electric fly traps, The new Stylishly Designed FlyPod® 18 Watt Table Top Fly Light Glue Trap, is silent, neat, hygienic and discreet - making it ideal for use in the home or office.

The Fly Pod fly light glue trap is very easy to use, looks great and maintaining the unit is easy and quick. The FlyPod glue trap has a patented "Rear Glueboard Removal System" that makes this unit not only attractive, but easy to replace and dispose of the specially designed glue board. 


Flies are not only attracted by the UV light but they are also attracted to the pheromone infused fly glue board.


The FlyPod® can sit discreetly in any front of the house business or home environment.


Flies have a facination with the soft glow of the FlyPod® 18 Watt  UV light. It lures them in as they wing their way to a very sticky end.

The patented glue board pulls out from the back, folding as it does, so you don't come into contact with the insects, or even have to look at them!

Your FlyPod Includes 1 glue board. You should change the glue board every 6 weeks during the fly season.

Be sure to purchase additional GluPac Glue Boards specifically designed for your FlyPod desktop fly light unit.

You can purchase extra bulbs too. You should change the bulbs at least once a year for optimal fly capturing results.




  • Patented rear glue board removal provides ease of service for the user.
  • Unique cone shaped body t raps fly inside before catching it on the pheromone impregnated glue board.
  • Unique curved base sits flush to the desk top allowing flies to crawl up to the UV light source.
  • Designed for use with GLUPAC® pheromone impregnated glue boards with UV stabilizer.
  • The polypropylene diffuser distributes the UV light throughout 180° while discreetly hiding captured flies.





DESCRIPTION:  Flypod ® , 1 8 w a t t

DIMENSIONS: (INCHES) H x W x D 12 x 7¾ x 6¾

COVERAGE: (ft ²) 323

BULBS: 1 x TP 18


WEIGHT: (lb s)


Ships UPS Ground Only


Value Package
The FlyPod Fly Light + 18Watt FlyPod UV Bulb + FlyPod Glue Boards
Buy FlyPod Fly Light and get FlyPod 18Watt Bulb, FlyPod Glue Boards - 6 PK at an additional 5% off our everyday low price.
Total Price: $111.85
Price for the Bundle: $108.20
This Item: FlyPod Fly Light
FlyPod 18Watt Bulb
FlyPod Glue Boards - 6 PK
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