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 The Genus® Spectra Compact has been designed with both performance and style in mind. Part of the Genus® group of products - synonymous with innovation, and design - this is a next generation solution to effective flying insect control.

 For limited space areas requiring no compromise in control


The sleekly designed Genus® Spectra Compact is ideal for use in areas where space is extremely limited, but where there is no room to compromise on control of flying insects. The unit features a slim, sleek design, just 2.7" wide that can be installed vertically, horizontally or in corners in the tightest of locations.

Although small in size, The Genus® Spectra Compact packs a powerful punch. Engineered by the market leading designers at Brandenburg, The Genus® Spectra Compact uses the latest innovations incorporating electronic ballast and features one x 36 Watt UVa bulb. This technology ensures a higher, flicker free UVa output with a reduced running cost and a faster insect catch rate when comparing it to similar traps in the market place. The increased levels of UVa and flicker free output ensures that the flies head straight for the discreetly placed Brandenburg Universal glue board positioned behind the attractively designed screen panel, resulting in a quick reduction in flying insect populations.

With its combination of compact size, aesthetic design and high UVa output, Genus® Spectra Compact is an ideal trap for use in areas where space is limited but there is potentially heavy fly activity.

A high capacity, specially angled universal glue board and simple to service lifting screen ensure the Spectra Compact is suited to a wide range of applications.
Features of Genus® Spectra Compact:
  • Compact size: For installation in areas with limited space
  • Discretion in public areas: Unique design, silent operation and out of sight catch area for total discretion
  • Maximum attraction: 36W UVa (1 x 36W bulbs) output for faster catch rates
  • High catch-rate: Specially angled control board result in higher catch rate
  • ‘Flicker Free’ UVa output: Electronic Ballast gives constant, energy-efficient attraction
  • Ease to maintain: Electronic Ballast eliminates replacement starters reducing energy and running costs
  • Easy to service: Easy-to-access control board location, ensures optimum servicing
  • Sanitary and compliant: Large control board surface for easy disposal of catch and full HACCP programme compliance

Benefits of Genus® Spectra Compact:

  • Convenient to place - high level of performance in areas with limited space
  • Fast reduction in flying insect populations improves customer environments quickly
  • Innovative design and silent operation allows you to implement flying insect control, without your customers being aware of it
  • Offers savings in running costs and maintenance
  • Plays a vital role in food safety compliance with HACCP friendly glue board technology


Pests Controlled:

Flies, gnats, fruit flies, mosquitoes, stink bugs, moths etc.

For indoor use in:

Bars, delis, taverns, kitchens, storage areas, trash rooms, offices, bakeries, schools etc.


Place 3 to 6 ft. from the floor, mount vertically, horizontally or in corner, or place on counter top.

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